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"Join Crew" Problem

the invitation was send through you system and neither I or the other crew members can actually join the crew.

any ideas?



Enviado por:: bLackMass 8 años atrás en Website bug report

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#1 hace 8 años atrás // roks // respuendes citando
Same problem over here. Any solutions? thx in advance..
best, roks

#2 hace 8 años atrás // bLackMass // respuendes citando

we have finally found a way around, but this is definitely a bug that should be fixed...
Crew invitation's are valid only when the crew account is logged in. Otherwise you get this error...
So, when someone invites you in a crew the crew's account has to be online at the moment of accepting the invitation, in order to be able to join it.


#3 hace 8 años atrás // roks // respuendes citando
we tried this way as well but had no luck. It is definitely a bug..
For us it worked only after each crew member had registered individually at flxer. Then we could ad them to the crew (find crew member at flxer).
If you try it with someone who is not already a registered member at flxer you cannot ad him to the crew// he/she will get: ERROR unvalid code..

#4 hace 6 años atrás // Gianluca Del Gobbo // respuendes citando
Can you try again now :)

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