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The “Stranger” is live video performance that shows a person trapped in today’s informational destructions. Each of the video combines the spiritual emotion of human, who lost his mind between various types of news – pop star scandals, political lies, terrorism of television, ads. A person who lives in everyday destruction can’t think positively, he becomes out of minded person without his identity. Out of mind process creates the ink for print condition, where person don’t have his thoughts, opinion finally – feelings. Person is like an instrument for informational destruction. Stranger he becomes then, when he starts to believe in new age shamanism – come to us and we’ll tell you how to live.
Finally the stranger figure outs how to run out of new age shamanism, and then he starts to look up for the lights of his own spirit. From agonic spheres to new rehearsal for the mind he finds new ways, how to avoid the discourse of true and false information, and what he should to choose. Finally he chooses the bright light to the brighter tomorrow.

During the performance various video files with emotions in it will be mixed through 30 – 45 minutes. The sound in performance will be taken from artist of electronic music or created by the artist of video performance. In the performance mixing also will be used the visual effects like distortion, black screen, white screen. Each of the effect will present the different position of person which is the stranger.

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