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Diarmo vs l'Aubaine

AV Performance
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The performance consists of Diarmo playing his own electronic productions live, using Ableton and various midi controlling hardware's and effects, while l'Aubaine is controlling her self produced visuals loaded into modul8 with added effects, all controlled via midi controllers, played in sequence to Diarmo's live electronic music.
Since 2010 they've collaborated on live audiovisual performances, l'Aubaine has produced videos for some of Diarmo's music, also graphics, artwork/covers for Basilar Records the label setup by Diarmo.

L'Aubaines visuals are evolving compositions, audio-reactive, created live, flowing with the crowd and the music. All elements are self-produced, mixing different techniques, as hand-drawn animation, vectorial design, drawing, typography, photography and video.

Diarmo produces deep electronic music, taking influences from a wide range of styles and influenced heavily by early 90's. His DJ/Live sets blends a mix of deep minimal techno, house and bass. You can catch his DJ sets on his fortnightly radio show "Vibrant Sound" on Shoreditch Radio (London).

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