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without you I'm just dreaming about love

Video Installation
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My name is Dasha. I am from Belarus. With my LPM project I want to send message to my ex-boyfriend Egor. We broke up last year following my pressure and he doesn’t want to contact me at all. But I want to communicate with him, to get in touch. While reading our mails I’ve discovered that it was HE who told me about Processing and interest to visual culture was those common between us.
I am studying at Austria now and HE is in Belarus and we have no chance to meet and solve it. I hope a lot HE may come to LPM this year and see the video I dedicated to HIM personally. I am a newcomer to this area and my video set is quite simple.
The main idea is to explain that without my friend I'm just dreaming about love.
My project is a multilayered structure based on timelapse to show my trouble sleep. The second layer are simulated memories which I play in my head and quotations from our mails, pictures, spring weather and animation based on my memories and fantasies.

for this project I use the permitted by the author (DJ Lokiboi) soundtracks http://soundcloud.com/lokiboi

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kugel morphs
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schizzi di vernice
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Shiny Toys Festival 2017
02.12.17 | festival for time based experiments

20.10.17 | Festival for Electronic Arts 2017

Extended deadline! Biennial of Digital Art 2018
01.10.17 | FAD - Digital Art Festival

Open Call! Biennial of Digital Art 2018
17.09.17 | FAD - Digital Art Festival

Live Cinema Festival 2017
01.08.17 | August 1 - September 24, 2017 | Rome, Italy

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