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Interkom: Spatalization This installation is based on the movement of the participating people what's detected by Microsoft's new controller, Kinect. The participants control the modulation of sound and the interactive visuals. We created this project during a workshop hosted by Demo GalÈria. The project based on the work of 3 people and it has 3 steps as well. The first step is processing the data provided by kinect (David Mórász). The detection programmed in vvvv what generates a virtual skeleton about the player. The space in front of the kinect is divided to 144 equal parts what triggers specific sounds and visual events. The data generated by the detection transferred through LAN to 2 computers. The second step, the interactive sounds are created by Gábor Lázár. The received data processed in Max/MSP and it controls the pitch, the harmonics, the filter and the LFO modulation.

The third step, the visuals created by Herczeg Tamás who receives the data of the skeleton and processes it in Quartz Composer. The skeleton is the foundation of the emitters and the attractors of a physically modelled particle system what draws complex line structures controlled by the participant's movement.

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