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Kernel Festival

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Kernel Festival aims to be a permanent and stable platform on which engage and organize series of activities to promote the meeting and exchange among different contemporary artistic languages.

Multiple events, as enzymes, catalyze processes of active involvement to offer young talents and established professional artists an arena for exchange, growth, involvement and visibility in the artistic, cultural and industrial contemporary panorama, at regional and international level.

SCHEDULE 1-2-3 July

The schedule, still being defined, includes three days of cultural activities related to the areas of interest of the Festival: Electronic Sound and Music, Audiovisual Mapping, Interactive and Digital Art, Temporary Architecture.

The intent is to provide a fertile ground that could facilitate a mutual exchange of knowledge between young people and national and international professionals. The Festival suggests a various cultural offer, suitable for every art lovers who want to experience a young and innovative atmosphere.

The full schedule also plans workshops and conferences, dedicated to “digital media” researches andinteractivetechnological expressions.


This section includes to two different branches: Live Music and Sound Design. The selected musicians will perform during the two nights of the Festival along with international guests, while in S. Francesco Chapel and in the Lounge, the audience will enjoy the installations created by the selected sound designers.


The architecture of the Eighteenth century Villa, will become the support of audiovisual performances that reshape the physical space to create a synaestheticcohesion between visual landscape and soundscape. The two nights will alternate audio-visual performances by guests and some new talents selected by the Call.


The rooms of the Villa will host the exhibition UNFRAMED: a spectacular show of multimedia works dedicated to the experimentation of new forms of visual, digital and IT communication. UNFRAMED collects, without framing, the multiple interpretations of a “beyond” both real and virtual, throughout a dialogue between some emerging artists andinternational guests.


Temporary Architecture installations, by emerging artists, will be included in the park of the Villa to stimulate the review of new relationships between human actions, space, materials, and innovative construction and assembly systems.

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SPQR June 2015
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Jessica Rabbit
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The Princess Bride
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