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I am because you are

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“I am because you are“ is a field recording and live electronics audio project conceived during the SUNHOO Park Artistic Residence –Hang Zhou- China (August 2012).
The project has drawn two different paths:
• Recording the field sound in the land to explore and investigate the acoustic identity
• Recreating a music performance using a live sound of the environment and editing it in real time
These works are supported by video documentation.
The SUNHOO Park is highly symbolic of China strong transformation: even the sound of the environment is in rapid and strong transformation. Concrete, asphalt, new roads and buildings are quickly engulfing nature: woods, fields and meadows.
Cement unveils a new acoustic atmosphere. The sound of nature echoes within the empty new building.

This same process took place in Ethiopia (February 2013) and will take place also in Iceland (April 2013).

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