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Factories And Fields (VJ Set)

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2015 VJ Show reel - https://vimeo.com/124625107

I am a visual artist based in Suffolk. I’m interested in pattens and synchronicity in real life, and how these can be visually represented. And the relationships between the two worlds.

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate and perform alongside a wide range of audio artists, and perform at all kinds of events. Such as MiRA Visual Art festival in Barcelona, and Reading Festival here in the UK. And have had the pleasure of working with artists such as - Baths, Lapalux, Daedelus, These Ghosts and Olympians.

And I'd love the opportunity to come and perform my latest visual creations at LPM 2015, and meet and become more involved with the wider VJ Community.

I’m always looking for new ways of how moving image can be manipulated, on a screen, in realtime. Whether it’s something generative that responds directly to an audio source, or something more interpretive and tangible. The audio/visual relationship, and the different ways that you can represent that.

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Ghost Flash
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YOU, 2015
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draw-strings, horns, boost
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SPQR June 2015
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Jessica Rabbit
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The Princess Bride
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LPM 2017 Amsterdam
18.05.17 | 18-21 May

Lab. 7 art contest
05.03.17 | The Malamegi company is raffling the creation of a new collection of works by the selection of one artist among the 12 finalists of the contest.

19.11.16 | festival for time-based experiments

Amorphous beta version
17.11.16 | Audiovisual Performance Exhibition

Art Vision Contest
23.09.16 | Mapping and VJing competition

Live Cinema Festival 2016
07.09.16 | September 7 - 11 2016, Rome

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