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Fannulare is a group born on 2007 from the collaboration between Davide Marchi and Daniele Giannotta (Bologna Improvisers Orchestra, Cavallo Wanislavskji); in 2008 they complement the background with Francesco Agazzi (Oe) and Manuel Prat.

Fannullare is a radical/improvisational band who uses instruments and various objects, which are their trade-mark. Since 2008 the group worked closely with performers, videomakers and VJ's.

In 2009 Fannullare realised the first album produced by Eclectic Polpo Records: "Coprofagia Tur". In 2010, they participated in the Live Performers Meeting in Rome and the Robot Festival in Bologna.

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YOU, 2015
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draw-strings, horns, boost
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SPQR June 2015
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Jessica Rabbit
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The Princess Bride
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Shiny Toys Festival 2017
02.12.17 | festival for time based experiments

LPM 2017 Amsterdam
18.05.17 | 18-21 May

04.05.17 | MalVecino Visual Set

Desert Dreams
28.04.17 | Visual set for Raya

White Noise
21.04.17 | MalVecino Visual Set

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